JUVENO™ Femoral Hip System

A next-generation tapered wedge femoral stem designed to optimize fit and maximize stability.


Optimize Patient Fit



Medial Curve



Wedge Stems

Based on designs from the 1970s, the traditional tapered wedge prosthesis maintains a single medial curve geometry and grows laterally as femoral size increases.  While this design has demonstrated success, patient demographics have changed dramatically in the recent decade, with improvements in techniques, technology, and expectations.

To better address the needs of this broader range of patients, the Juveno™ hip stem features a size-specific medial curve. This design is based on improvements in imaging technology, greater and more diversified data availability, and morphometric data analysis software, to provide better proximal fit.  In one study, this design resulted in a 7.5-fold decrease in the incidence of intraoperative femur fracture compared with the previous (traditional) design.

Key Features

1. Best-in-class 12/14 taper

2. Proportional & Anatomic Neck Design to optimize patient fit

3. Lateral relief on the distal tip to enhance ease of insertion

4. Advanced Coating Technology

  • provides initial scratch-fit for mechanical interlocking stability

  • enhanced with a bioactive hydroxyapatite layer to accelerate bone remodeling and promote long-term fixation.

Elegant Instrumentation

Intuitive instrumentation platform crafted with surgeon and clinical staff expertise.

Simple instrument sets designed to streamline operative workflow and efficiency.

Instrumentation carriers designed to seamlessly stack into SterilContainers™ by Aesculap® or be individually processed to accommodate preference.

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