b-ONE Primary Acetabular System

Simply Elegant

An advanced cementless cup technology designed to provide versatility and optimize performance, and to be used with a simple and intuitive instrumentation platform crafted to streamline the operative workflow.


  • True hemispherical shell

  • Proprietary manufacturing techniques optimize head-to-shell diameter ratio

  • Advanced bearing options including Vitamin E polyethylene and BIOLOX®delta ceramic heads with best-in-class 12/14 taper


  • Innovative TaperSnap design provides robust locking mechanism

  • High coefficient of friction and surface roughness for initial mechanical interlocking stability

  • Enhanced with a bioactive hydroxyapatite layer to accelerate bone remodeling and promote long-term fixation


Intuitive instrumentation platform crafted with surgeon and clinical staff expertise.

Simple instrument sets designed to streamline operative workflow and efficiency.

Instrumentation carriers designed to seamlessly stack into SterilContainers™ by Aesculap® or be individually processed to accommodate preference.

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